The mission of the After School and Out of School Program is to expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower, and encourage youth to:

  • Achieve positive growth and development;
  • Improve expectations and capacities for future success;
  • Avoid and/or reduce risk-taking behavior.

The goals and objectives of the After School and Out of School Program are:

  • To improve participants’ performance through academic enrichment activities.
    • Improve participants’ attendance in school.
    • Improve or maintain participants’ grades in school.
    • Maintain participants’ academic promotion.
    • Prevent participants’ premature or unscheduled exit from school prior to high school graduation.
  • To provide opportunities for learning positive social skills, demonstrating positive social interactions, and building positive social relationships through supervised sports, recreation, and other program activities.
    • Provide opportunities for participants to learn social skills.
    • Provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate positive social skills.
    • Provide opportunities for participants to build positive social relationships.
    • Provide opportunities for participants to engage in cultural enrichment activities.
  • To provide opportunities for demonstrating positive social behaviors through adult and peer mentoring.
    • Develop and sustain a sufficient pool of peer and adult mentors.
    • Maintain high quality of peer and adult mentoring skills.
    • Improve social interactions and contacts between mentors and participants.
  • To adopt positive decision-making skills that discourages harmful risk-taking behaviors.
    • Improve participants’ career aspirations and choices.
    • Reduce/avoid harmful risk-taking behaviors among participants.
    • Demonstrate improved decision-making skills among participants
  • To provide opportunities for parents and guardians to meet with staff to discuss their children’s participation to strengthen parent/child bonds and community involvement.
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