Reach’em & Teach’em Before The System Grabs’em & Keeps’em


s a not-for-profit organization targeting low income housing communities (city & urban) throughout the city of Columbus, Ohio in Franklin County, the purpose of Project Redeem is to assist today in building a better tomorrow for at-risk youth. We believe it is necessary to administer good basic principles so that the participating youth can reflect and use these solid principles throughout their lives.

  • Making good choices in difficult situations/conflict mediation and resolution
  • To create self esteem and self worth/Character building
  • Teaching consequences of choices that are made (good & bad)/Solid faith-based principles
  • Peer pressure situations
  • How to be creative/Time management

Summer Camp

This the place to where youth will find the “me” inside and academics are continued in the summer months to keep the youth in preparation for the upcoming school year.

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After School

The mission of the After School and Out of School Program is to expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower, and encourage youth to improve.

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During the Christmas holiday season, our youth who would not normally experience the joy of receiving, are given paper socks to write down what they would like for Christmas.

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Your Choice

Empower and educate youth that the decisions they make have an effect on the outcome of their life and that the positive choices they make can contributes to their self-esteem.

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Success Stories & Testimonials

  • As a volunteer for Project Redeem, I got to experience working with the children in Camp Jonah's summer program. The program was really nice because the children had both non-structured (i.e. playground activities) and structured (i.e. instructor led arts and crafts) activities followed by a meal. My involvement was to help supervise playground activities and serve meals. It was a good experience. As a child, I was a receipt of "free lunches", and to this day I can still appreciate them. It’s good to have a positive environment where children from low income families can spend time together. I was also appreciative about 100% percent of the donations going to the children.

  • I have worked with Project Redeem through Camp Jonah, and I have met many children who are not as priviliged as some. What I have seen is that many lives are touched through the this program/ministry. I have seen children change so much, that their parents/guardians came to see what was going on and their lives were changed. I know that this is a program for the low income families, but so many others can benefit from the many things this organization has to offer.

  • As a donor, I completely trust that every cent that I personally give to this organization is going towards those who are less fortunate. We have been contributing to Project Redeem for several years. We believe in their professionalism, but above all their deep caring for the population served.

  • I just want to say that I am very fond of Project Redeem. They have truely been called to bring hope to millions of at-risk youth and low income families. From my experience, I have been able to join with them in giving of my funds and matierials to help those in need. Our church, Greater Christ Temple, has been continuously working jointly with them to offer activivties and programs to the youth of today. And I personally have seen a great deal of positive impacts on children's and familie's lives. These children and families are getting the proper tools and direction they need in order to succeed in life. It is truely a blessing to be affiliated with such an organization such as Project Redeem.

  • Hello, My name is Carol Beasley. I am an Early Childhood Educator. I graduated from Columbus State Community College and Ohio University. I have been a volunteer for Project for many years. I have been blessed to be able to help with Camp Jonah as a camp leader. I was able to watch the once shy child open up and stand before their group of peers and recite the camp creed and declare that they are an "Important part of this world." I have witnessed children work in groups and in the matter of two minutes come up with beautiful poetry with only the words that were randomly picked from the sky. There is not enough space for me to share all the greatness that occurs at camp Jonah, or their after school programs but I can say that Project Redeem have mastered the art of drawing the children. When you draw a child their family will follow and when you help a family, you have helped a community. Keep it up Project Redeem!

  • As a volunteer with Project Redeem, I was able to observe positive behavioral changes in the children that were participating. They were able to benefit from tutoring, exercise, and team activities. When a child had an argument or serious disagreement with another child we would hold court to find out the facts and deal fairly with the offender. This process allowed him/her to see what they had done wrong and immediately correct their behavior. The majority of the children lived in dysfunctional homes and suffered from serious behavioral problems. Ten years later, I have come in contact with some of those children and I am glad to say they have done well by becoming productive citizens. Project Redeem is an organization that goes above and beyond for the children. They have been successful with mentoring and life-coaching the children because they sincerely love what they are doing.

  • I have personal knowledge of the founders for this wonderful organization. Perhaps the core of what makes Project Redeem successful is the genuine love and concern the founders have for those they serve. If ever there were two people who were driven and passionate about changing the lives of others it would them. Combine this with the highest level of professionalism and it is easy to see why Project Redeem is growing and very committed to touching lives at the point of their greatest need. I fully encourage any level of support anyone may be able to provide them with and from an insiders point of view can guarantee that it will be time/money well spent!

  • I have been both a volunteer and a recipient. I am very thankful to be a part of a caring organization that does not judge or discriminate but works soley out of love and compassion for their fellow human being. I was a struggling single mother in college and needed books and Project Redeem came through for me. They have also provided Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance for my family. I have not hesitated to assist the organization with their school supply and Christmas toy give-aways. I feel there is nothing I can possibly do to return the support and gratitude they have shown me. This organization is one that doesnt "talk the talk" but they consistently "walk the walk". They have been consistently helpful to the community and to them I am forever grateful.


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