Project Redeem serves as an umbrella for MCAA (Minority Communities for Autism Awareness). MCAA strives to reach out to families and individuals assisting them with the tools to spot any symptoms of autism being displayed by a child. It is our experience that “early detection and intervention” is critical to the ongoing care and the ability for that child to reach his or her fullest potential. Statistics now show that 1 out of every 60 children have been diagnosed with autism. This number is rising, but we believe in a positive way, due to awareness within these families that have been “falling through the cracks.” MCAA was featured on Channel 9 in southern Ohio for an Autism Workshop hosted by Brightway Center in Smithville. MCAA has also recently started a collaborative effort with Nationwide Children’s Autism Clinic to strengthen awareness within communities. The organization’s Director is Nicole Adams-Fompun, LPC.

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